The Real ABCs Workshop | 5 Days

Getting A GRIP On Selling: The Real ABCs

We are so excited to have you participate in The Real ABCs, our leading-edge sales effectiveness and development program. Please take a few moments to review the following information in preparation for what we expect to be an idea-inducing, transformative week designed to get you to the top of your game as a sales professional.

Please click the button below to complete the Pre-Workshop Assessment no later than 5/25/2022.

Your Coach

Caesar Kavadoy is a speaker, entrepreneur, writer award-winning sales and leadership coach who has instructed tens of thousands of people on his best-in-class frameworks that set the stage for ANYONE to get to the top of their game professionally.

What You Will Learn

This workshop is based on fulfilling the most critical elements of the sales professional’s role; best-in-class elements built using the top sales and coaching principles modeled by the most successful leaders of the past century. In addition to the Role of a Sales Professional, the workshop will also cover results-driven activity, business-mindedness, and a client focus like you’ve never experienced before. Additional details:

Role: Initial focus will be defining the role of a sales professional based on what the true best-in-class do. Sales reps will learn:

  • The top 10 components to a best-in-class sales pro role,
  • what their realm of responsibility is, and
  • how to gain access to different functional areas of a prospect’s business

Activity with Results: Much of selling is considered a “numbers game.” This workshop will help you understand:

  • That it’s not a numbers game, it’s a conversion game,
  • how to shed activities that aren’t bringing the type of results you want, and
  • the rules of — and how to win — the conversion game.

Business-Mindset: Have you ever been hired into a sales role and told something along the lines of, “Well, now that you’re in sales here, you can make as much money as you want. You are running your own business”? In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn how to run their realm of responsibility, as a business,
  • craft questions that help determine top business objectives, and
  • address and help their customers reach their top business objectives through Allstream’s solutions.

Client Focus: If there is only ONE THING participants walk away from this workshop, capable of implementing… this is the one that will lead to the highest probability for success. Specifically we will spend time:

  • Figuring out how to think like a prospect,
  • creating lists of the things on our prospects minds:
    • prior to meeting with them
    • while meeting with them, and
    • after meeting with them; and
  • using that information to craft the conversation and every single client touchpoint.

How To Prepare


1:1 Coaching

During the week, each one of you will have an opportunity to spend time with your coach to develop your value creation plan and execution strategy. Sessions are available starting Tuesday June 7th – Friday June 10th from the hours of 1:00 PM PST – 4:00 PM PST.

Workshop Invite

The Workshop will be conducted through Zoom Starting Monday June 6, 2022 – Friday June 10, 2022. The Start times each morning are 8:00 AM PST – 12:00 PM PST. Click below for the zoom invite:

Praise from previous clients

I’ve been to a lot of sales training in my 30 year career in sales and sales management, this is THE best training I have ever been to, thanks Caesar.

Absolutely great! This is the best sales training I’ve been to so far. It filled in a lot of holes for me! Thank you so much for all of the insight. You’ve inspired me to dig deeper, work harder and it made me want to further my sales career.

This was eye opening and amazing! The content, flow, exercises and instructions were the best and perfect for everyone in the workshop. An excellent learning and implementing experience! SUPER!