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The Desperation of Best Practices

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A “best practice” should represent that specific business/sales practice, which the best consistently apply as they work to get to the top of their game in sales. Unfortunately gross over-use and a negligent understanding of what a “best practice” actually is, has caused a huge decline in its applied meaning in today’s business world.

Today, a “best practice” sounds like something nearing desperation. Comments like, “one of our sales reps in St Louis had success doing ‘X’ so we’re going to apply that here in Chicago as a new best practice,” or “it’s a best practice to research all about your prospective client before calling them,” or “we have a list of best practices for you as new hires…” and nearly every other time you hear the words “best practices” are statements of desperation existing due to a lack of meaningful data of what the actual best-in-class are doing to work toward the top of their game. The desperation of best practices ignores real stats and facts that could truly help ANYONE and EVERYONE achieve more, causing instead a major distraction that leads business and sales people alike way off track, nearly eliminating their opportunity to get to the top of their game and earning potential.

Put all the so-called “best practices” to bed, once and for all. Focus instead on what the best-in-class are doing to be successful fulfilling their role and work diligently to create a workable way to do the same.

-Kevin Huff, Chief Experience Officer

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