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Playbook For Results

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Playbook for Results is a global company specializing in organizational performance improvement. We help companies achieve results by setting the stage for the leaders to focus on the areas of their business that will have the most impact to achieving their goals and objectives.

Our performance solutions are structured around timeless principles, that are scalable, sustainable, verifiable and flexible regardless of industry, title, experience or economic conditions. The solutions are designed to transform leaders, teams and individual contributors to more business-minded professionals who consistently follow-through on their commitments and over-achievement of their goals.

Our ongoing engagement also positively impacts an organization’s ability to improve the quality of candidates that they can attract and hire, their business processes that drive profitable revenue, and in their leaders’ ability to architect sound strategy. We offer a wide range of customization options to fit any need and business life cycle.

We help executives transform their cultures to consistently over-achieve their sales and revenue objectives. This happens by applying the known successful actions, principles and behaviors of the best sales professionals in history. In order to achieve sustainable results and gain the ultimate competitive edge, our programs are designed to transform or eliminate the employee mindset in favor of the disciplined business mindset.

Our Getting A GRIP Playbooks and frameworks enables sales professionals and their sales leaders to execute sound relationship building strategies that truly set the stage for the prospect or client to connect. The blueprint and tools when combined with disciplined critical thinking skills, sets the stage for scalable and predictable results that work regardless of economic conditions.

We provide sales and leadership performance solutions through our highly interactive workshops and webinars and “in-the-field” real-time, coaching sessions with the rep and their manager. The immediate application of the principles covered in our content, allows sales leaders to instantly transform their sales organizations to consistently look down on their quotas, while laying a strong foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial client relationship.

Everything we do is founded on a few principles:

  • You have to know your role, in order to own your role.
  • Once you know your role, you know what activity to drive.
  • Business-minded professionals that focus on the big-picture gain trust faster.
  • Focusing on your client, their goals, roles, and agenda is more profitable than focusing on your selling agenda.
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