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Roles vs. Titles

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One of the primary reasons salespeople fail to reach their earning potential is they don’t fully grasp the Role of a Sales Professional. Instead, they think of themselves as a “Major Account Rep” or “Sales Account Executive” or “Customer Account Manager” or even “Business Development Rep” to name a few of the sales titles popular today.

These titles do very little to define the sales role in a way that helps a salesperson work to fulfill their role and maximize their earning potential.

The Role of a Sales Professional includes the obvious component of “understanding the wants/needs of the client” but also includes “gaining access to different functional areas of a prospect’s business” and “run my realm of responsibility as a business” to name a few.

Seek to understand the role of best-in-class sales professionals, learn to articulate the role and begin working to fulfill that role. Now you are focusing on the right results-driven activities which in turn leads to an increase in earnings and creates a contiguous cycle of sales success.

-Kevin Huff, Chief Experience Officer

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