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TRENDING ON LINKEDIN: The Integrity Test- Watch Now!

Playbook For Results


We all conform, but what are we conforming to?

“Everybody’s doing it” … There’s an old Candid Camera clip that shows a group of people walking into an elevator and “group pressuring” an unsuspecting person to turn and face the back of the elevator. It speaks volumes to the types of conformity that we are all aware of and willing to comply with, even when we don’t have any reason to do so. It also shows that we are willing to conform due to pressure, even when it goes against our better judgment and against our instinct and intuition.

At Playbook for Results, our role is to set the stage for conformity to a best-in-class approach. We understand that compliance to a best-practices standard is generally driven by a desire for approval or by a need to avoid disapproval for a lack of conformity. This is why our Blueprint for Results is based upon concrete evidence that delivers the greatest probability for success, regardless of the role or goal you’re pursuing.

Every lesson, every coaching session, every podcast, every supportive piece of media is not only designed to help you conform to a best-in-class approach, but also to help you defend why you are conforming to that approach. And because it is what history, stats and facts say produces results in the role you’re looking to master, the results you create through that conformity are all that you need to justify your behavior.

More importantly, the frameworks that we use to support the best-in-class approaches for any role we are helping to set the stage for are aligned with what the best throughout history have done while also working with your instinct and intuition, and not against it.

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