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Playbook For Results

Our Coaches

Caesar Kavadoy

Caesar Kavadoy is a speaker, entrepreneur, writer, award-winning sales and leadership coach who has instructed tens of thousands of people on his best-in-class frameworks that set the stage for ANYONE to get to the top of their game professionally.

Best known for his ability to remove the biggest challenges that prevent peak performance across all areas of life, Caesar’s “Getting A G.R.I.P.” programs — The REAL ABCs: The Art of the Sales Professional and C.L.I.M.B., a premier leadership development program — have been employed and highly sought after by top Fortune-500 leaders.

As CEO of Playbook For Results, he’s eager to share his frameworks that help people achieve what matters most in both their professional and personal lives and relationships. He and his wife Linda both faithfully serve at their beloved church in Southern California, and joyfully parent two teenage daughters.

Kevin Huff

Kevin Huff started his first business — a bait shop — with a close friend while in High School. Since then Kevin has founded over half a dozen successful companies in the areas of Digital Marketing, Technology & Product Training, Photography, and most recently he co-founded Sales Artists, Inc. a Sales and Leadership Effectiveness company in its 8th year. A 15-year stint in some key leadership positions in Fortune 500 Corporate America compelled Kevin to start Sales Artists and he had one idea in mind: to change the game of corporate training so people could get to the top of their game faster. With Kevin’s client-focused approach, Sales Artists has been helping its clients reach double-digit sales growth year after year after year, since the company was founded.

Kevin has trained over 15,000 people in various sales and leadership roles, has taught both Training/Development and Sales courses at Harrison College, and speaks internationally on the subjects of Sales, Business, and Training. God has blessed him as a husband and as a father. He and his wife, Skye, live in the Indiana countryside with their two children.

Mike Hiatt

Mike Hiatt is a passionate and innovative sales leader. His ability to develop and execute custom route to market strategies has earned him the coveted position of trusted advisor in some of the most influential companies and sales organizations in North America.

The first business Mike created partnered with Fortune 500 companies as an extension to their sales force. His ground-breaking results and progressive ideas received the attention of other businesses in similar positions. During this evolution Mike pivoted the direction of his business to focus on consulting. Since then Mike has coached and mentored thousands of sales professionals and sales leaders to a culture and framework that breeds best-in-class results.

Mike, Kristine and their two boys reside in the beautiful state of MN. In their free time they enjoy going to church, traveling and spending time outdoors.

Edward Preston

Edward Preston “EP” has an eclectic professional background that stretches from the trading floors of Wall Street to global cybersecurity. His stellar track record for building out tech start-ups over the last three decades, is attributed to his natural talent and passion for coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to peak performance.

At the start of the Internet revolution, EP took two years to help build out a sales organization for a data storage company that received #33 status for INC 500 fastest growing company. He then spent the next four years, working to achieve the best broker/equity ratio in the Western U.S., which he’s leveraged into 15 years of successful commodities and foreign exchange trading. It’s through this role, that EP gained an edge in understanding global business as it relates to market cycle analysis. To this day, he remains a Quant Trader for his own personal portfolio.

EP’s latest accomplishment was taking a unicorn start-up (Cylance) in the cybersecurity space to acquisition within five years (acquired by BlackBerry in 2019). EP was responsible for building out all the inside sales teams: Pipeline Generation, SMB, Renewals and Consumer units. He is a true hybrid in every sense of the word in the Sales and Marketing world. Perhaps, the one role that he cherishes the most, is being an evangelist for whatever business he puts his fingers into. His passion is contagious.

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