We are so excited to have you participate in CLIMB, our highly-sought after, leading-edge coaching and leadership development program.  Please take a few moments to review the following information in preparation for what we expect to be an idea-inducing, transformative week designed to get you to the top of your game as both a leader and coach.

Your coach for the week will be Caesar Kavadoy, CEO of Playbook For Results, who is both the author of the Getting A GRIP Programs and executive coach to other CEO’s around the globe.

A direct result of our workshop will see exponential, quantifiable improvements to your:

  • Culture
  • Customer Experience
  • and Cash Flow

From all of us at Playbook For Results, we look forward to seeing you in the growth zone!

Caesar Kavadoy is a speaker, entrepreneur, writer, award-winning sales and leadership coach who has instructed tens of thousands of people on his best-in-class frameworks that set the stage for ANYONE to get to the top of their game professionally.

Best known for his ability to remove the biggest challenges that prevent peak performance across all areas of life, Caesar’s “Getting A G.R.I.P.” programs — The REAL ABCs: The Art of the Sales Professional and C.L.I.M.B., a premier leadership development program — have been employed and highly sought after by top Fortune-500 leaders.

As CEO of Playbook For Results, he’s eager to share his frameworks that help people achieve what matters most in both their professional and personal lives and relationships. He and his wife Linda both faithfully serve at their beloved church in Southern California, and joyfully parent two teenage daughters.

Schedule: Monday, November 9 – Friday, November 13 8a-12p PT // 11a-3p ET
Coaching Availability: 1p-5 PT // 3p-8p ET


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